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The dream of all the Super Rich is to extend their lifespan. That is why they are pouring vast amounts of money into anti-ageing, rejuvenation research. See 

Tim Rifat is the world’s leading expert on Psychic Warfare, regarded by the USA as the most powerful non-state actor on the planet. Why? The superpowers have ploughed billions into technology to control inner space and PSI-space. Technology to potentially kill, disable, make ill, and control enemy Leaders. Yuri Andrapov’s death quickly ended to Soviet Hardliners push for Russian dominance; this being the pivotal point in the end of the USSR. Breznev’s long illness, Gorbachov’s self-destruction of the Soviet Union and Yeltin’s drunken chaos of Caststroika can all be blamed on US/British Psychic Warfare. The failure of the US to go from Montauk, 3rd generation Psychic Warfare Stranger Things, to 4th generation, led to the erosion of their world power, as non-state actors like Tim Rifat developed 4th generation Psychic Warfare (control/synergy with the Monster of the ID that enables strategic Psychic Warfare); to 5th generation and beyond Psychic Warfare (control of HILBERT SPACE/MULTIVERSE editing)…Now, faced with imminent mortality, like mere humans such as billionaires, Tim Rifat has been forced to redirect his attention from power over reality to rejuvenation vitality science RV (

The technology that can make people old, ill, control them and kill them can easily be used to double lifespan to make the average lifespan 180. As one can imagine this will make Tim Rifat mega rich; he is a mere millionaire at the moment.It makes sense that technology specifically designed to kill a target cell is ready made to eliminate cancer cells, Alzheimer’s plaques, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, as well as get rid of the old cells that poison the healthy cells in our body causing premature ageing and death. All this technology designed to do this feat thousands of miles away from the psychic warfare adept, to a leader in a foreign country. America has always had the lead on other countries in this field because they have Hollywood and the Music industry that get the world worshipping Americans and Brits, feeding them with energy that is the currency of Psychic Warfare.


Psychic Warfare is not a knowledge dependant endeavour but one of energy enabling psychic outcomes, identical to the real world dominated by money. Money = energy = ability to change reality or protected reality. This energy is called Chi, Prana, Kundalini, Odic Force, Bioplasm, Soul Fluid, Orgone…: it is not all the same. As a Psychic Warfare expert one knows energy has a frequency, wavelength, amplitude, carries information, travels in the 5th dimension, all of which have differing effects on organisms subliming energy to use the toxic energy for Psychic Warfare inevitably leaves Sublime Energy; totally positive rejuvenating, vitality in the psychic attacker as the targets becomes ill and old. It is a zero sum game. So one can see Tim Rifat’s worldwide business of Psychic®, training people how to use toxic energy to get super powers has left him with vast oceans of Sublime Good energy: The Light Side of the Force. His body can only use so much Sublime Good before it burns with The Fire From Within or becomes a Dr Manhattan body (Watchmen Film).


As Tim Rifat made a Luciferic contract to gain Total Power over the Luciferic Force in return for marriage to the Illuminati Queen Witch to produce the ultimate Illuminati Bloodline, he is blocked from transcending and using all the Sublime Good of the human race for his post human God body until she FUBARS by marriage or getting pregnant to a normal human hamster. So one can see Tim Rifat has had to use this Sublime Good elsewhere; in this case, building the Sublime Good Realm in Psi-space. This is why he calls himself the Psi-Lord and his holding company is called Psi-Lord Limited. Tim Rifat like any explorer has found new territory in Psi-space like any settler used Psychic Warfare (advanced weaponry) to kill, drive off the indigenous population like any property developer to build vast new developments in these new lands. Every one of his websites RV; Supernatural; Psychic has a commitment realm in Psi-space where everything in the websites really exists. Tim Rifat got the idea to colonise develop Psi-space from Carlos Castaneda’s Art of Dreaming. To make the manifold of Psi-space conform to intent, building and anything you like so it becomes real in Psi-space, so you can enter Psi-space and live in your actual intended visualisation, is an ancient technology developed by the sorcerers of Central, South America over 10,000 years ago. 10,000 years on, Tim Rifat used the scientific and mathematical advances of the 20th Century to colonise, conquer Psi-space.


Next came the use of Psi contracts to control the so called real world. How is this done? The same way Psi-entities possess, control and feed off, kill humans; the demon enters the body of the victim and has real world effects on the possessed (See The Exorcist). Tim Rifat scoured through Roger Penrose’s: Road to Reality, a condensate of mathematical Physics, written by the Professor to enable a genius to produce at theory of reality. So instead of spending years in University libraries, Tim Rifat could use this textbook to build a theory of Psychic Warfare, weaponise US, Russian Psychic Warfare research and produce the Psychic Warfare programmes every major nation is now embarking on. Why? To build the customer base for his psychic protection business. Ten years from now 87% of all A-listers will be killed by Psychic Warfare, the other 13% will pay Tim Rifat for psychic protection. If you find this unbelievable, Tim Rifat predicted more than 15 years ago that Cobalt 60 world, North Korea being able to destroy the US with Cobalt 60 derived from H bombs on ICBMs would be fact. As well as Chad world, the West being flooded by immigrants and becoming like Chad a basket case. As the only precognitive remote viewer, Tim Rifat sets the future by being the observer that chooses it; a ramification of the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. He is now predicting Psychic Warfare world where A-listers, the elite such as the Rothschilds who own the planet are slaughters like dogs by Psi-space weapons designed by Tim Rifat or they pay North Korea, Russian psi-trolls… in cyber currency to stay alive.



For the common man this is not a problem because government, corporate and criminal Psi-killers won’t bother you because you are not worth the effort. If you are rich you will have to pay, pay, pay or die, die, die! (Psychic It is uniquely funny that the technology to double people’s lifespans comes just after the technology to remotely kill the rich, making the rich the Mayflies of the human race.Sublime offers not only rejuvenation and vitality for the user, but the opposite side of the coin; the white magic/science of Psychic Warfare research and technology.



Since possession technology by Psi-space entities allows then to control the real world, it means developing this technology allows Psi-space constructs to be able to enter you and make you young and fit again. Similarly getting you to enter a Psi-space construct to deage you and fill you with vitality, has real world effects A Karate Master Oyama founder of Kyokushin Karate found that black belts who visualised training were almost as good as black belts what actually trained.  The act of putting your Psi-space being inside your body, copies demonic possession and has real world effects.  Tim Rifat has completely described the process in terms of mathematics derived from The Road To Reality to produce the Sublime Good Realm, all Psi-space colonised by the Psi-Lord by possessing the Big Bang prior to its inception to control reality. This has embedded a inviolate Sublime Good Realm to the built in Psi-space. A gated community for the superrich young vital people allowed into the Sublime Good Realm. You go into the Sublime Good Realm by listening the 100 mp3’s that actively guide you through actual Psi-space worlds built by Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord and in doing so you are possessed and possess Sublime Good energy, awareness and intent: The Light Side of the Force that doubles your lifespan. In the future a computer game will enable customers to play the game to grow younger and more vital. The inception into the Sublime Good Realm is played like the forerunner of fantasy games: Dungeons and Dragons, with Tim Rifat as the Dungeon master.

The world of Psi is run by its machine code-mathematical equations. To embed the mathematics in the Sublime Good Realm game, means that non mathematicians can play the game and grow younger and fitter. By participating in the Psi-space game the Sublime Good process is carried out on them. No visualisation is necessary as the 100 mp3 Sublime Good Real (basic domains enabled) allows the public who have paid for access to visit different domains. Like any game there are domains where magic rules, others were science rules. Your avatar in Psi-space gains levels and greater capability in RVScience or Supernatural Spirit magic. As one can see my other websites stray into the Dark side of the Force, especially Use of Psychotronic Crystals® allows Psi-space to become real and solid and to control the world with Psi-space in the same way that walk-in entities can control humans. Now imagine you build an avatar in Psi-space that is young and fit, then possess yourself with this Sublime Good avatar. Instead of getting demonically ugly, like the girl in the exorcist, who killed herself in real life, you become supernaturally younger and fitter.


You might ask why Tim Rifat is sharing this technology with the public. To force him to make anti-aging his stock in trade, to enable: Healer heal thy self. The vast amounts of money, he makes from doubling lifespan are no use to him if he dies at 90 like normal sceptical people. Also he jokes on the sceptics, they will all die out because all debunkers, sceptics are banned from the Sublime Good Realm. You might ask: well anyone can copy your idea and make money? No. To use Psi-space in the real world you need Psychotronic Crystals® to power the Real Virtual Science effect you need Psychotronic Generators® to keep powering it. You need Real Vampire® tech to control the 5th dimension to lock the outcome to a future time line where you always achieve a double lifespan; Psychic Warfare protection to stop the black magicians around you killing you with Psychic Warfare that is unconsciously used by all the human race and Psi-entities to ruin your life without you knowing – knowledge hunter gather societies, primitives know for real. Similarly you can guarantee all knock-off endeavours will be poisoned by Tim Rifat’s Psychic Warfare armoury and his dedicated team of Vampire nasty bastards! The US military has found to its cost that copying my technology has the reverse result to what they expected as the hidden machine code I don’t reveal reverses all positive effects and unloads negative effects on the use. Tim Rifat extensively uses the Mickey Rourke Angel Heart Avatar from Psi-space to possess all of his enemies ( to get his enemies to destroy themselves and all they care for. This Angel Heart avatar destroyed Micky Rourke’s potential AList career and uglified him in the boxing ring. Since Psychic Warfare is a zero sum game. De Niro who played Lucifer, Rourke’s owner in real life ugly compared to good looking Rourke (1987) became an A-lister stealing Rourke’s glittering future. Tim Rifat has used the Lucifer Avatar and made it his own, for the power thereof in the process De Niro gets prostate cancer. All reality is a zero sum game.


Since awareness collapses the quantum wave-function and produces the real world, awareness is key to a good life. If you have evil energy or dark energy matter parasites, controlling your awareness you have a bad life, grow old and die – It’s as simple as that. A Sublime Good Awareness gives you a guaranteed sublime Good life, youth and vigour. The shamans of Central, South America recognised different types of awareness:


1.    The First attention, observing, interacting with the real world.
2.    The Second Attention: observing, interacting with the world of dreaming and its denizens.
3.    The Third Attention: observing, interacting with the 5 dimensional world to avoid death.
To this can be added:-
4.    Matrix Attention, observing 2D matrix reality on your phone and computer as well as TV. This is the predominant attention of the human race since 2007 and the inception the iPhone.
5.    Real Virtual Attention: observing the world of the second attention not while asleep but awake, the world of the clairvoyant, remote viewer, as in the Horror genre like Insidious. To be aware of the timelike world of Dreaming, while awake is called Dreaming Awake by Shamans, sorcerers of Central, South America. This is the real world of -1 scalar, called by physicists time like space time. As a clairvoyant Tim Rifat can see it all around him awake or asleep. This is the other part of the Real World, so called because it is the real number attention that collapses the quantum wave function to produce spacelike and timelike reality, the world of awake and dreaming reality. The sorcerers of old could not enter the virtual worlds that have real world effects because they did not run mathematical machine code observation but visualisation observation. Remember the observer collapses the quantum wave function to produce reality. If the observer just visualizes then the reality is locked in real number reality! A clairvoyant like Tim Rifat runs mathematic machine code attention that underlies visual attention.
Hence we get:

6.    Mathematical Code Attention, producing reality from other mathematical numbers, the imaginary numbers, i the square root of -1: written √i. This produces vast estates of new reality, -1 dark energy matter entities such as demons never occupied. This Real Virtual domain controls other realities because when you insert it into demons or men, the underworld or the real world, absolute control of both is enabled by the mathematics. Hence in the Sublime Good world/Realm we are constantly inserting, or inserting ourselves into Sublime Good three space which is equivalent to i.  Three space in a mathematical term but the bastardisation can be thought of as anything you can make, visualise in Psi-space. Anything you can imagine can be brought to life to have real world effects if you know how.



This means you can build a Realm where it is filled with magic potions to heal anything and by amplifying the Placebo effect with Psychotronic Generators® you can cure yourself with magic potions you drink, find in the Sublime Good Realm. Or you can make poisonous potions to kill all your old poisoned cells to grow younger; kill cancer cells; make magic brain cleaner to destroy the plaques of Alzheimer disease. This is the Nocebo effect of Voodoo and black magic of which Tim Rifat is the Grandmaster/Archmage. You can build anything in Psi-space and using Tim Rifat technology, it has Real World effects. All dependant of Psychotronic Crystals® and Psychotronic Generators®, the first to enable the Real Virtual Science effect and access to the domain of imaginary number observation as reality, the second to power amplify and solidify this world. This imaginary number observer reality did not exist in Earth’s Psi-space prior to Tim Rifat except as a pure mathematical realm visited by the awareness of mathematicians. It was the genius of Tim Rifat to realise awareness encompasses and is modified by ever mathematical concept to produce a multiplicity of realities: The Megaverse.



Events in your life are controlled not by the real world but by the imaginary number realm. The equations for this are beyond the layman. So to enable the use of these fundamental new discoveries by Tim Rifat to be applicable to the normal person; they could be embedded in a game which when you played it pulled your real world body into being controlled by the game. Since everything requires power and energy: The Force for creation, Hollywood the land of dreams made real on the silver screen supplied the power to build the Sublime Good Realm game. Steven Spielberg is soon to release the: Ready Player One film about a worldwide game network called Oasis that has become the human races oasis from dystopia.  This film enabled Tim Rifat to construct the Sublime Good Realm game for nothing.  All the audience wishing for a real Oasis game in the future powered the reality, filled up the Psychotronic Generators® needed to amplify the Psychotronic Crystal® Real from virtual scientific effect; with the Egg that gives ownership of the company replaced by the Grail Cup final prize.